10 11 Total lines 9 and 10. Enter here and on Form 100 Side 1 line 5. If losses exceed gains carry forward losses to 2019. Other additions. Attach schedule s. Total. Add line 1 through line 8. 3601183 Form 100 2018 Side 1 22 Net income for tax purposes. Do not leave blank. Business activity Product or service Side 2 Form 100 2018 State Country H Date business began in California or date income was first derived from California sources. 10 Dividends received deduction. Attach Schedule H 100....
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Laws dot-com legal forms guide form 100 California corporation franchisor income tax return California corporations must complete a form 100 to file their franchise or income tax due to the state this document can be obtained from the website of the California Franchise Tax Board a full packet of instructions for this form is also available on this website this article discusses the form made available for tax year 2011 step 1 at the top of the page if you are not filing on a calendar year basis give the starting and ending dates of your financial year step to provide your corporation's name address and identifying numbers step 3 schedule queue questions begin on the first page and continue on the second all questions must be answered step 4 skip to Schedule F on the third page compute your net state income as instructed and transfer the results to line 1 on the first page step 5 follow the instructions on the first page to complete lines 2 through 4 step 6 skip to Schedule D on the fifth page compute your capital gains or losses as instructed and transfer the result to line 5 step 7 return to the first page lines 6 through 18 provide instructions to compute your net business income or loss lines 19 through 23 concern your net state income lines 25 through 30 one concern computation of state tax owed lines 32 through 36 concerned tax payments already made step 8 lines 37 through 43 on the second page concerned refunds or taxes do step 9 an officer should sign and date the second page step 10 schedule J on the third page is for corporations for whom add-on taxes are recaptured tax credits apply schedule V requires you to detail the cost of goods sold Schedule L requires you to detail your balance sheet schedules m1 and m2 require you to provide further financial details to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm